Dementia Care

Woodlands Care is well equipped to deal with any resident's needs.

Dementia Care at Woodlands Care Home

As a home, we specialise in dementia care. We keep to the following practices:

  • Involve willing families and friends in the decisions made each day and over the long term for each resident.
  • Ensuring each resident, no matter the stage of dementia, has a sense of freedom about the choices and the care they receive.
  • Treating each person as an individual and trying to understand the messages behind the behaviour.
  • Treating each challenging behavioural case as an indication that the resident is trying to communicate with us.
  • Listen and learn about each resident’s past, so that our staff can engage in responsive and meaningful conversations, and to use this information to make activities relevant where we can.
  • Adopt a person-centred approach, taking the focus away from present illnesses or disabilities by working with the positives and what can be achieved with the right support.
  • Ensure our staff are trained to be able to deliver fantastic dementia care and all of the above.

We believe that all our residents should receive outstanding Dementia Care at Woodlands Care Home.

dementia care at Woodlands Care Home