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A Day in the Life

Find out what its like on a typical day in the life of a resident at Woodlands Care

At Woodlands Care Home Studley, we find that many people have concerns before moving into a care home, from the food they can access, to the type of people they will be living around. While the best way to be reassured is to come and meet us and view the home, we have detailed below a day in the life of one of our residents at Woodlands Care home Studley to help paint a picture of things.

Margaret is free to wake whenever she feels like it, and is given tea and biscuits when she does. Residents who are less able to wake up themselves and who have personal care needs will be gently helped up at the best time for them. Breakfast is whatever Margaret fancies! Common choices are porridge, toast, marmalade, jam, cereal tea, coffee and juice. Today she asked for a cooked breakfast, which is absolutely fine. Margaret receives her medication from the senior carers with her bacon, sausage egg, mushroom and beans.


Throughout the day a variety of activities are laid on for residents. Carers such as Jan also participate at weekends and evenings. Events range from musical performers, themed parties, karaoke, dancing and music.

As it’s a sunny day, she decides to stretch her legs in the garden. The gardens are beautiful and safe, maintained by Stuart, the maintenance manager. She sits for a while and watches Malcolm, another resident, do some gardening.


As a mid-morning snack, Margaret is offered tea, coffee and biscuits. Margaret is free to have a drink or snack at any time of the day or night.


Today is hair appointment day, so she comes in from the garden to get her hair managed by the hairdresser, who comes to Woodlands Care Home once a week.


Margaret is back in her room at this point, admiring her hair when a staff member knocks to ask her what she would like for lunch. The choices offered don’t tempt her today, so she asks for a specific sandwich she used to do for herself a lot – salmon. It is important to us that our residents enjoy their food and maintain a good diet.

Many of our residents gain weight soon after arrival, and this is often a very good sign. Margaret decides to eat her lunch in her room because she’s enjoying the show on her TV.


Margaret ‘s daughter, Sue arrives to surprise Margaret with a visit! Sue takes Margaret out for the afternoon and for dinner.


Sue returns with Margaret. Margaret didn’t want pudding at the restaurant, but she does now, so she joins the other residents to eat cake that the Cook has baked. The other residents have had their tea at 5pm.


After dinner, Margaret prefers to relax rather than engage in activities, so she reads one of the many books she brought with her to Woodlands Care Home.


Margaret distracts herself from the book for supper, and decides to eat in her room. She is offered yoghurts, soups, cheese and biscuits, cake, or whatever she fancies. Her restaurant dinner was a bit much, so she just has a few biscuits. Christine, our night team leader, leaves her with a few more, just in case she feels peckish later on. Some residents ask to be checked throughout the night, as they feel safer that way. Margaret is a light sleeper, so she prefers to be left alone.


Margaret wakes up, as is her habit. She rings for assistance, and Anne arrives quickly. Margaret would just like a cup of tea this time, which is fine. Christine makes sure the temperature of the tea is to Margaret’s preference.

It can be a better life

The difficulties families face when caring at home can make quality time with your family member scarce. Letting us take care of the care allows for more quality time to be spent between loved ones.

We have owned Waterloo Care Home in Bidfod-On-Avon since 2013 and Woodlands Care Home in Studley since 1991.  We have seen many examples of enhanced well-being for both the individual and the family.