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Food & Activities Woodlands Care

Woodlands Care provides flexibility with residents wellbeing in mind.

A Happier Life

Food and Activities at Woodlands Care Home

What food is on offer at Woodlands Care Home?

Anything you want. We will consider all requests and strive to make sure our residents are eating the food that they want to eat, when they want to eat it. We have finger foods (that can be eaten with the hands) available for residents who want to keep as much independence as possible, despite any health conditions.

We will take into account any dietary requirements to ensure the food is appropriate. Fortified food is available for residents who have lost weight.

Residents can ask for food at any time of the day or night. We do have schedules for the main meals, but flexibility is key with each resident.

Gaining Weight

Many of our residents have experienced weight loss as a result of their illnesses. We pay particular attention to this, and find that many of these residents regain and increase their weight – a very healthy sign for their well-being.

What activities are put on for residents at Woodlands Care home?

We try and make sure that residents are entertained and are free to seek their own entertainment where they can. Some common activities are:

  • Reading. Plenty of books are available and many residents bring their favourites with them.
  • Birthday teas and cake.
  • Musical performers will visit the home.
  • Themed parties take place, and residents are free to engage as much as they wish.
  • Karaoke is a regularly enjoyably event
  • PAT (Pets as Therapy) dogs visit us.

We know that the provision of excellent food and activities at Woodlands care home is vital for our residents’ well being.